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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Beth Lindenberger

Visual Artist
Home 959 Margate Drive County: Summit
Akron OH 44313 United States
Home Phone: 330.475.2283 Website: Beth Lindenberger Ceramics


Beth is a studio artist and educator primarily working in clay, creating sculptural ceramic forms.  She has been working in clay for over 30 years, and has shown her work in various exhibitions nationally.  Her most recent work consists of smaller, highly detailed, hand-built sculptures.

Her experiences include adjunct faculty positions at The University of Akron, Cuyahoga Community College and Kent State University-Stark Campus, teaching Ceramics and 3-D Design.  She also teaches Clay classes to adults at the Cuyahoga Valley Art Center, and has previously served on the Board of Trustees for 3.5 years. She has worked as an artist in schools in Akron and Canton, and as Artist in Residence for UA’s ARTSLIFT, having built a public sculpture with high school students at the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Professional memberships include the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA), Ohio Designer Craftsmen, and the Cuyahoga Valley Art Center.


Artist Statement


I am not so interested in copying nature, but responding to it. My hand-built sculptural ceramic  forms, and surfaces, are based on natural and microscopic organisms, and objects of pro-generation.  Engaging, interacting and suggesting potential, cells, seeds, and the pods from which they emerge, are the connection to the continuation of a species. Some forms are sharp and foreboding, others voluptuous and inviting, relating to the real world, symbolic of the microscopic world.  Made in both porcelain and red earthenware, the surfaces are sometimes glazed, shiny and soft, other times unglazed and dry, much like that found in nature. They change and are affected by their environment and each other. They are fragile, yet have delicate strength.  Whether seen as individuals or part of a system, they are neither animal or plant.

I choose a clay and firing temperature that enables the best solution for my idea.  As a student of sculpture, I found clay to encompass all the flexible properties that bronze, wood and stone did not. It was an easy departure for me, and still I could continue with those materials if needed. The effects of fire on on the clay, the richness of the glazed surfaces, and the ability to duplicate the qualities of other materials was an instant draw.



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