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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Becky Linhardt

Home 11120 Springfield Pike A408 County: Hamilton
Cincinnati Ohio 45246 United States
Home Phone: 5137828610 Website:


A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, I am actively an Artist/Photographer/Writer/Designer. Currently I am most active in the visual arts: abstract paintings (oil on canvas) and color photography.

Artist Statement


Journalistic/Scenic: vistas and details; the large and the small – both extremes capture my attention. As an Ohio native and travel journalist I have had the opportunity to capture beautiful landscapes, historic places, and evocative details of some of the smaller things that may be overlooked.

Lights Studies: My greatest joy in photography is the light studies I began capturing on film in the 1980’s and digitally since 2005. These still life arrangements made when the low angle of natural winter sunlight provide interesting patterns of refraction through glass, reflection from gloss surfaces – sometimes with holographic surfaces bouncing the light in ways that enhance the still life as in series such as Fanta-Seas and Galactic that developed more recently.

NOTE: No computer programs used other than scale images to fit OAR requirements. 


My preference is to paint landscape-like abstract images. The oil paint is applied and moved by hand on the canvas in a rather shamanic process. Over the years my concept of abstract landscape painting has evolved. I am now more inclined to paint just a hint of the terrain, the weather, the atmosphere. I want this newer style to engage the viewer in ways that encourage them to layer in their own experiences and imagination – to see beyond the canvas, the paint, and what their mind records – to feel with their heart the emotions that landscape can evoke.


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