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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Arris Cohen

Owner Sir’ra Aesthetics
Home Phone: 2164309156 Website:


Columbus, Ohio-based artist Arris’ J. Cohen (Sir’Ra) has been building a name for himself while selling personal pieces and commissions as well as producing live paintings with faith based groups such a Fearless Dialogues (Atlanta, Georgia). As the Visual Animator, he created two pieces in real time for the Candler School of Theology’s New Student Orientation at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He served as the 2021 Artist in Residence for the Calo Art Studio in Chicago Illinois. He was also an Art Vendor at The African Village Arts Festival presented by the Urban Cultural Arts Foundation in Columbus, Ohio in July 2021. Most recently, he created a piece for the Interdenominational Theological Center’s Connecting With Hope Innovation Hub’s fifth year celebration conference. So far in 2022, Sir’ra has had many opportunities to showcase his talents while giving back to the Columbus community. While continuing to do commission work and personal pieces, his first solo show in May with Maroon Arts Group called “Behind the Seen” was his introduction into the Columbus Arts Scene. Sir’ra was the featured Artist at The Frank W. Hale Black Cultural Center’s Juneteenth Celebration at The Ohio State University, where six of his pieces were on display. The largest and most acclaimed pieces, called “Gravity”, was purchased to sit in their permanent collection. While continuing to foster invaluable relationships with other Artists and Art groups such as the Urban Arts’ Space with whom he created a mural for the Bronzeville area just east of Downtown Columbus, he was afforded many opportunities to paint live as well as workshop with elementary school students. Most notably, Mr. Cohen is looking forward to January 2023 where he will be in a group show with the Greater Columbus Arts Council at the Riffe Center Gallery in Downtown Columbus for three months. He has been humbled by every opportunity presented and looks forward to continued creation in the future.

Artist Statement

Multimedia portraits and acrylic paintings are currently the vehicles through which my work is conveyed. Earth tones, brilliant colors, and skin tones are used most often. Photorealism, Hyperrealism, and Surrealism are the aesthetics which I use to tell the story of the post-modern Diaspora. I want people to see the life I’ve seen and want to see with emphasis on the similarities and differences in the everyday lives of melanated people. There is always a perspective of thoughtful emotion and introspect in my artistic process. I create to glorify the higher energies and frequencies from which this gift came. Ultimately, my goal is to give my children tangible and intangible benefits from which they can thrive on in their future.