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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Alla Boara

Modern Italian Folk Music
Home 335 Bonniewood Drive County: Cuyuhoga
Cleveland OH 44110 United States
Cell Phone: 2165485290 Website: Website


Alla Boara seeks to bring recognition and new life to Italy’s diverse history of regional folk music. Their modern arrangements of near-extinct folk songs are variously surprising, playful, mournful, tender, and bewitching. Alla Boara’s dynamic work aims to inspire audiences of all ethnic heritages to treasure their musical roots and consider historical songs’ contemporary cultural relevance. Vision of drummer and composer Anthony Taddeo (Helen Welch/Hey Mavis), Alla Boara also features vocalist Amanda Powell (Apollo’s Fire), guitarist Dan Bruce (Beta Collective), trumpeter Tommy Lehman (Acid Cats), bassist Ian Kinnaman, and accordionist and keyboardist Clay Colley (KOBA). Currently finishing their first record, which will be released in fall 2021, Alla Boara has received critical acclaim for its originality and accessibility and was recently featured in La Gazzetta Italiana and predicted to have a bright future by Cleveland Magazine.

Artist Statement

The son of an Italian Immigrant, Anthony Taddeo has been studying Italian folk music and traditions for most of his life. He didn’t truly discover it’s depth or diversity until he stumbled upon Alan Lomax’s field recordings from the 1950’s. Alla Boara is not about creating a folksy Italian cover band, instead it brings this folk music back to the forefront and pushes the traditions to their limit while maintaining their distinctive identities. By combining modern musical elements along with traditional instruments, song form, lyrics, and rhythms it makes this music more accessible and enticing to a wider audience. Alla Boara seeks to anchor this unique music in the narrative with other renown folk music from across the globe. Through the bands research, imagery and storytelling it hopes to spark conversations between cultural heritage and modern creation of art.