Photo of Amy Yosmali

Amy Yosmali

Work AYDesign – Art On Vine County: Hamilton
Cincinnati Ohio 45217 United States
Website: AYDesign


Amy Yosmali, a native of Greater Cincinnati has been an art lover all her life, but it wasn’t until 2001 that she began to explore the visual arts, especially painting, as a medium of self-expression. While her initial artistic endeavors were in music, she now considers herself a practitioner of the visual arts, especially contemporary abstract art.


As a contemporary abstract artist, I feel that my passion for expressing myself emotionally is best conveyed through the imagery resulting from the instrumentation of colors, brushstrokes and movement on the blank canvas before me. Vibrant colors and action are important features of my art and I like to incorporate acrylics with metallic qualities to add depth, dimension and movement to my works. Much like a musician reacts to her surroundings and the moment, resulting in certain musical elements standing out and connecting with the audience – my paintings react to the nuances of their surrounding environments, inviting the viewer to connect with an ever changing perspective to the complexity of this expression.