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2024 Ohio Artist Registry Juried Exhibition

Amy Hipple

Break the Page StudioOwner
Home 4411 Alkire Rd. 4411 Alkire Rd. County: FRan
C Ohio 43228 United States
Home Phone: 6148784981 Cell Phone: 6144004021 Website: Break the Page Studio


Originally Amy trained at the Franklin Art Glass Studio in German Village and worked in Stained Glass for many years. In 1980, she took a job at Highlights for Children and stayed there for 22 years until her department was dissolved and outsourced. She took that opportunity to go back and get teacher certification and taught Adapted Art for students with special needs for the next 15 years. After retiring, Amy discovered “painting with thread” online and fell in love with the process. She has won several awards for her embroidery work including publication in Spotlight Magazine and a display at the Craft Museum in Grandview Ohio followed by the Wassenberg Center in Van Wert, Ohio. Amy still teaches special needs students twice a month at a local elementary school and holds workshops for Art Teachers who want to learn how to modify and adapt their art classes to better include special needs students.

Artist Statement

I find new mediums every day and fall in love all over again with the learning process and art forms available.  I need to see that every student in my care has the opportunity to have that same experience.  Every student deserves to learn in the manner in which they can excel and as a teacher, I need to find the manner that best fits each child.  This may be an adaptation to the tools, a modification to the working surface or a change in the medium due to allergies, a tactile aversion, or a past experience with the process. If a student desires to create art, it is my job to insure that happens.  My enthusiasm for the creative process can be encouraging for the most reticent artist so that each artist will be able to find the medium that fits their vision and passion, but only if I make every possible experience accessible.  To know what is available, I need to constantly be on the lookout for new art experiences, mediums and techniques.  Some I will fall in love with, and some I will only see the love through the eyes of my students.  My current love is turning master works of art into whimsical embroideries; a process I find to be a constant source of enjoyment and fun!