J InkyLorin Cantrell

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Breakin’ Out

Breakin’ out of old habits, old ways, makin’ way for a new norm’. Acrylic, Canvas Appliques, Wire

30” x 24” x 1.5”

The Choices We Never Made

This artwork is about choices and what door to go through. It portrays the way one’s surroundings, the city and emotions influences choice. It visualizes domestic turmoil, retirement, and last decades of my life all coming together in this artwork.

Acrylic, Canvas Appliques
July 2022

Kissed by a Rose

Using rose petals to paint allows freedom of expression.
Exhibited Westlake Westhore Arts Council, 17th Annual Community of Fine Arts Show, 2nd place Oil/Acrylic, July 2017.
Acrylic on Canvas
30” x 40”

Whimsical Journey

Gettin’ off an emotional rollercoaster. Takin’ a care free ride.
Acrylic on Canvas with painted canvas appliqués
25” x 25”x 1.5”
November 2022

Night Visitor

Exhibited July 2022 “Where Are We? An Exploration of Surrealism” Chagrin Falls Art Center, Chagrin Falls, OH